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Count Károly Esterházy Mansion and County Museum

8500 Pápa, Várkastély
8501 Pápa Pf. 208.
Telefon/fax: (89) 313-584


The building used to be the property of the Esterházy family. Unfortunately, part of the furnishings has been destroyed. In the four rooms of the exhibition "Aristocratic interiors," the golden age of the mansion and the former surroundings of the Esterházy family are presented. Besides "Aristocratic interiors," exhibitions of archaeology and history, as well as the story of the Pápa hard tile may be seen. The Pápa Mansion and Country Museum is temporairly closed due to renovations.


Dezso Laczko Museum
H-8200 Veszprém, Erzsébet sétány 1.
tel: +36-88-564-311
fax: +36-88-426-081

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