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Mór Jókai Memorial Museum

8230 Balatonfüred, Honvéd u. 1.
Telefon: +36 21 200 2453

This exhibition is managed by the local govenment of Balatonfüred.

The villa, built in 1870 in eclectic style, is situated in the centre of the spa, opposite the famous Round church. The spacious, comfortable summer residence served Jókai and his family for 19 years. The lakeside "no-man's island" provided the writer with an excellent creative atmosphere. During the Füred period of his carrier, called the golden age by Mikszáth, a whole range of his prominent works were written, including The Golden Man, which created the Balaton cult, his short novels, tales, and articles on spa life. The villa has been a literary memorial museum since 1954, as well as the only permanent Jókai exhibition in the country. The museum was renovated and reopened in 1988, and now shows visitors the micro-world of the late 19th century and objects from the Jókai family summer residence.


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