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József Egry Memorial Museum

8261 Badacsony, Egry sétány 12.
Telefon: (87) 431-044

This exhibition is managed by the local govenment of Badacsonytomaj.

József Egry is also known as the Balaton painter. He was obsessed by the lake, and lived and worked on the shore for decades in puritan simplicity. The main subject of his paintings and drawings is views or almost visions of Balaton, under varied conditions of light and colour. He uses very restricted means in his pictures, the objective details are reduced to essentials. His art stands alone, and cannot be related to anyone. A rich selection of his main works can be seen in his Badacsony house, which has been transformed and extended. Important stages in his whole life are also presented.

Paintings from Egry József on this page:

  • Rainbow
  • Saint Christopher at lake Balaton
  • Man with ass


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